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Współpraca z Akademią Sztuk Pięknych
Miło nam poinformować, że nasza firma zrealizowała przedsięwzięcie pod tytułem "Stworzenie projektów wzorniczych mebli" dofinansowane z Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego w ramach  Projektu pn. : " Dolnośląski Bon na Innowacje" . Wartość dofinansowania 73 800,00 zł
Relaxing room
Every woman dreams about a place in her house where she can accent her beauty. It is a place where she can store her favorite perfumes, cosmetics or jewelry - a place where she can feel like a queen. A bedroom or walk-in closet are most suitable  room areas for it. It should be  comfortable, yet don't forget about the functionality.
Color matters pt 2
As we mentioned in one of previous posts, color plays a key role in every human life. By colors we can epress our personality or mood. A space around should be colored; otherwise, it would be grim and boring.
Coffee tables
Nowadays, a living room geared with comfortable sofa, armchair and practical lighting solutions is still not enough. One of the major decor elements is a proper coffee table. It is a well-known fact that devil's in the detail. They can brisk every interior by adding a spot of charm; like the beaty spot on Merlin Monroe's cheek.
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